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Final test

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Last weekend I went to the Brecon Beacons with the Scouts to complete our expedition camp and navigation test.

It was a fantastic weekend with glorious weather. The perfect time to test my kit weight on a long walk in the mountains.

The last big hike I did was last summer in the 30 degree heat crossing Dartmoor from south to north. Stupidly I overpacked as usual. My pack base weight was around 15kg and to put in perspective the stupidity of me and my pack I got through 7 litres of water during the day as well as another couple of litres I picked up in the shops.

This time I have reduced the weight to 10kg which felt massively different. Completely manageable. I mean I could actually run up and down the tracks.

Yet again my shoes, feet and ankles performed really well. No bruises, blisters or ankle injuries.

I have also slipped a disc in my back twice which can flare up with fatigue but that was fine too.

A truly wonderful test of man and kit. I am now buzzing for the West Highland Way.

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