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Train or Plane to the East Highland Trail

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Continuing on from my last post I have been looking into

travel arrangements from the south-west to Inverness.

My current options are to fly most likely Easyjet from Bristol to Inverness but not using the hold for luggage but taking it on the plane as large carry on. The main issues would be the size of the bag is very specific for carry on and there are certain items I can't take or are restricted on the plane .

Notably camping gas, lighter, camping knife and there are also limitations of liquids.

The second option is to catch the Caledonian sleeper from London Euston direct to Inverness overnight. This would require me to catch a bus from Somerset to London.

It is much cheaper to travel by train from London than it is to travel from where I live and to catch the same train going from Euston to Inverness in Crewe The price doubles plus you also need to get the train to Crewe which changes twice so make the journey three times more expensive.

So far I think if I travel to London to catch the train both options are fairly similar in price. Which ever I decide will force my hand on the Journey back from Glasgow. I obviously want to keep the overall travel costs as low as possible which in turn gives a little flexibility if the weather is bad and I need to book in to last minute accommodation.

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