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Have I gone too far?

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

I have been crazy busy recently and the hike has come round really fast.

I have been a little worried about my kit and what to take and the weight. I must admit I have a bit of a reputation for taking too much gear and have been known to take multiple stoves etc. My mates often make jokes about the weight of my pack so this time I have tried to think about only taking what I really need as much as possible.

Kit List so far

So after lots of thought I have gone for my Lanshan 2. I was always going to go for the Lanshan due to the space. I have modified the guy ropes so I can alter how the door is pegged. I have also replaced a few parts of the bathtub groundsheet so I can pitch and take down the inner separately. I hope this will help me pack up my gear in the dry during the Scottish weather.

I have still not totally decided on my sleep kit. I am taking my Mountain Equipment Helium 400 down bag, Trekology ul80 pad and Trekology pillow but I am undecided on whether to take a bivvy bag or not. I think if it looks like it is going to be wet I will take it as I worried about my bag getting damp.

My cook set comprises of a Budget folding stove, my Lixada titanium mug, cutlery, long spoon so hiking meals and my Gsi cook utensil set. I am still to decide on taking a frying pan and saucepan. I also have an aeropress but this will be a last minute decision based on pack weight.

My clothing is currently a down jacket for the evenings, leggings and shorts with a merino wool t-shirt and darn tough socks for hiking. I have a spare t-shirt and a half zip long sleeve merino top. I have a spare top and merino leggings for sleeping as well as a pair of socks.

I am trying to take as little as possible.

I was planning on taking my Merrell Moab 2 boots but have just decided to buy some Saucony Peregrine 12's to hike in instead. They are really comfortable and only weigh 275g. The only issue is they are not waterproof.

Knowing I will get wet feet and forced me to alter my waterproof gear. I have a Montane rain jacket which I will take. It is light and does the job. I have trousers but they are heavy and with the acceptance of wet feet I lost the plot slightly and purchased a rain kilt. My kids think I am nuts and have started calling me the man in the skirt which amusing.

Regardless of whether I look silly or not it is really light at only 130g and is easy to walk in.

I still need to order a few bits for my wash kit but I am almost there.


I have been walking a few miles a day for the last few months which is great but have started increasing the distance and the weight I am carrying so my shoulders can get used to having the weight there.

I am also doing various exercises and stretches like squats and planks etc. hopefully this helps as I prepare for some longer hikes on Exmoor, Dartmoor and the Brecon Beacons.

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